TRIPLE your Print On Demand profits with Printful

By | September 23, 2020

I explained previously how you can EASILY triple your print on demand profits by using Printful in combination with Etsy. The TL;DR version is that where you’d usually get about $2.73 profit from a t-shirt sale on Redbubble or Merch by Amazon, by using Printful you can sell the same product for the same price but get over $10 profit. If you haven’t seen my step-by-step video guide below about how easy it is to do this, here’s your chance.

If you can’t tell from my accent, I’m based in the UK, but actually, most of my customers live in the USA. This is why I target the American demographic by listing my items in dollars and using US specific terminology.

Something that I didn’t mention in the video, however, is that this setup has the potential to get awkward and confusing when someone from the UK (or other countries) orders from my US shop. Fulfilment centres (or centers if you’re American) can result in customs/import charges for your buyers, not to mention significant delays. The solution used to be to open several stores with multiple print on demand partners and manage each country separately. The problem is that it takes a long time to do anything and you have to manage/grow stores independently.

This is when Printful comes in handy because they automatically pick up the address of the customer and redirect to their closest fulfilment centre, whether that’s in the US or Europe, so it doesn’t really matter where a customer orders from – they will still get their item quickly from a fulfilment centre closest to them.

This means that we are no longer limited to selling within one country. We can sell everything from one print on demand supplier rather than creating several accounts and managing various drop shipping companies. This has the added bonus of all sales contributing to the growth and legitimacy of one individual shop, meaning that our relevancy and exposure for our products increases exponentially, resulting in more sales!

This also works in reverse, so if you are based in the UK like me and decide to set up a store targeting print on demand in UK markets, then you also automatically have access to US fulfilment centres and can guarantee reliable service to an international audience. If you want to learn more about print on demand and how to get started with no skills and no money, then I have all the material on my channel already for you.

And if you want to see the second part of my video which covers my strategy for new Etsy sellers, then it’s here for you. Enjoy!

PS: Did I mention Printful? This is my tracking link so I can keep on top of analytics. I am going to do a follow up video shortly about this as hundreds of people have signed up and put their existing designs on a new platform, making thousands of extra dollars in profit. I think it will make a nice motivational video.

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