Merch By Amazon for Passive Income

By | February 18, 2018

Redbubble is amazing. There are 440,000 artists on there with 1.6 million customers. I’m making most of my passive income from the website.

Merch by Amazon, however, is reportedly next level. There are 310 million customers and many people are making a small fortune from uploading designs to Merch.

The problem is that I’m late to the party. I’ve heard reports saying that the golden age of Merch is over and it’s no longer the place to be. Many people have been complaining about Amazon ‘turning their sales off’ at will or ‘freezing’ their designs. People with 1000’s of designs up not making many sales anymore! Regardless, I decided to give it a go for myself and see, but it seemed rather difficult to get in.

I applied in late 2017 and waited 3 months to get the rejection email pictured below:

Some people were complaining about waiting 9 months only to get the same message. I re-applied and got declined a second time. However, third time lucky, I got accepted:

Amazon is a very different beast to other Print On Demand websites. New users are limited to 10 uploads – commonly referred to as Tier 10 or T10. You’re only allowed to upload 1 product per day, and if you don’t sell a particular design within 90 days, it’s automatically removed. You have to sell 10 products in order to be considered for an upgrade to Tier 25 where – you guessed it – you can list 25 designs. There is no formal section to place tags like on pretty much every other POD site ever, and the upload process is a bit archaic to say the least.

However, I know there’s huge potential, so I got uploading my designs – one every day due to the limit. After uploading 7 products, I got my first sale, which was worth approx $5 profit (£3.56) – woo!

It’s now 2 weeks later and my progress report is as follows:

  • 10/10 possible designs uploaded
  • 13 sales which equates to $67 profit (£47.76)
  • 8 designs have failed to sell at all (at time of writing)

Overall, I feel lucky to be averaging almost 1 sale per day at this early stage, but a bit disappointed that only 2 of my designs have actually sold, with 12 sales coming from 1 particular design. I wish there was more variety so all my eggs weren’t in one basket, but still, a good start nonetheless and certainly better than nothing. My goal was to make 10 sales ASAP, so I’m satisfied.

I’ve now got to wait for Amazon to do their next round of upgrading and hopefully I’ll get bumped up to T25 with the ability to upload more designs. There’s no indication of when that will be and apparently it’s not even guaranteed that you’ll be upgraded – it’s at the discretion of the Amazon Gods, so I’ve got no choice but to wait. Meanwhile, I’ll allow another week or so and rotate the designs that aren’t selling to try something else.

I’ll update again later, but in the meantime consider joining the FB group as there are many people in there who have recently been accepted to Merch and we’ll be helping each other.

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